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About Us

Mission & Vision

The motto of our organization is to achieve market leadership in key geographies of the world.Our commitment to mutual growth with our partners in terms of both efficiency and productivity is perfectly illustrated in our claim, “Growing Together”. This philosophy has been inspiring all our production processes and business activities since our inception. Transparency, accountability and collaboration guide our actions and we remain focused on the highest standards of governance and ethics in all our business dealings.

Values and Philosophy

Unitech's growth and success are the result of an unswerving focus on key areas:

Social Responsibility

Considering it part of our social responsibilities, we have adopted the severe/harsh measures for safeguarding the environment. And it goes without saying that we show great respect for our people working every day with passion to achieve our corporate goals.

It is our intention to be the leader and benchmark in the Global Engineering market, in particular in the specialist segments such as industrial, construction and agriculture. The achievement of our mission and vision is based on a functional corporate structure led by an effective management.

Corporate Responsibility

A relentless focus on quality At the heart of Unitech Exports is our perseverance to offer quality products. At each step, beginning from purchase to manufacturing, finishing and packing, a strict and meticulous inspection is carried out. The results of these tests, provides a quick and clear report on product quality. Every product distributed by us conforms to the International Standard of Purity and Functionality.